About 93 percent of consumers read online reviews before making a purchase. Reviews not only influence buying behavior but also make for a great way to engage with customers. This is why you need to increase your Google reviews, and ensure you have more positive than negative feedback. To do this successfully, you’ll need a solid strategy. So when and how should your insurance agency ask for Google reviews?

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When to Ask for Google Reviews for your insurance agency

In addition to learning how to acquire reviews, you have to decide when to ask. Picking the right time to request Google reviews will help you maximize the potential and frequency of positive reviews. Below are three ideal times to ask for reviews for your insurance agency.

Right After Making a Sale

You have a really small window of opportunity to ask for something before your new client moves on with their busy life. At this time, the customer is most invested and their experience with your business is still fresh in their minds. So, like they say, “strike while the iron is hot.” If you wait a day or 2 or a week, your chances for a review will plummet.

After a Positive Customer Service Experience

When your team has knocked it out of the park and turned a client’s frown upside down, you have another great shot at getting some positive feedback. But unless prompted, people still may not run to Google to leave a 5 Star Review for your insurance agency. If you can build the habit of asking for that review AND making it easy for the client to leave one (see below) you’ll likely see that great experience shared online in the form of Google Reviews for your insurance agency.

When a Customer Renews a Policy

Renewal is a natural time for an insurance agency to engage clients. You can use this as an opportunity to generate Google reviews and cross-sell. Every positive interaction with your clients is building their trust, loyalty, and willingness to leave public feedback about how great you are. You just have to be willing to ask.

Wow, look at that segue.

How to Ask for Google Reviews for your insurance agency

The “how” is equally as important as the “when.” Making it easy for your client to leave a review for your insurance agency can actually be the difference in getting a 5 Star Review on Google for the world to see. Each of the options listed below is valuable. Sometimes it takes all of them to land those 5 shiny stars on your insurance agency’s Google My Business Listing.

Verbal Request

When you’re wrapping up that sales call and setting expectations for how well you’ll take care of this new client in the future, you can make the ask. The same goes for in-person or video calls. And make sure to keep the request to ONE thing. Don’t ask for a Google review, a like on Facebook, a referral, and a Yelp review. ONE THING. That’s a pro-tip.


Google provides a great little link that makes it super easy for your clients to leave a review on mobile or desktop. Learn how to dial in your listing and find that link in our Introduction to Google My Business for Insurance Agencies. Just like the verbal request, your email should simple and to the point. Don’t write a novel. Don’t ask for more than one thing. Make sure to drop the link in and ASK for the review.

Text Message

We all know the open rates for text messages are through the roof. This is the most personal way to connect with someone and also yields the highest chance of follow-through. Even more so with text than with email you want to keep your message short and sweet. And don’t forget that link!

Through a Survey

This is hands down the best way to ask for reviews from your customers. It’s the tried and true proactive approach to getting feedback. The great thing about a survey is you can direct happy people to Google and not-so-happy people back to you. It’s not the end of the world if someone leaves a negative review on Google but you’d rather have an opportunity to take negative feedback, make it right, and land a 5 star review because you took care of the customer. Those stories can be the most impactful when shared on review platforms like Google.

You can try out the Renew King survey and see how we keep it super simple and drive hundreds of reviews for our customers HERE.

Why Does Your Insurance Agency Need Google Reviews?

Just like other small businesses, online reputation is very important for insurance agencies. Google reviews can help you manage your reputation and attract more customers. Positive Google reviews will help you build credibility, improve local SEO, keep you connected with customers and prepare your agency for the future.

Streamlined emails and surveys will help you engage with clients and bring in positive reviews. And guess what? You can outsource the whole thing.

When you partner with Renew King, we engage your customers with timely surveys that generate 5 star Google reviews, deliver regular content that keeps them connected and run cross-selling campaigns that set you up for an easy close. Visit our website today to learn more and get a demo.