It is essential for insurance agents to cultivate relationships with their clients to build trust between them. If an insurance agency focuses on building trust with their customers, they will benefit from low churn rates, increased margins, high-performance ratings, and low expenses.

When your agency creates exceptional customer experiences, you’ll see retention climb. If you make it easy for those experiences to be shared, your insurance agency will also grow. The following are three ways your insurance agency can build trust with your clients.

Get Feedback

We all think we’re doing a great job but the only way to know is to ask for feedback. This simple step in your client journey is a clear example that you care about the client experience. It allows you to celebrate wins with your team. It’s also a great way to take care of issues before they become public. Most people just want to know they’re being heard when they have a problem with your insurance agency. A simple survey can make that exchange easy.

Client feedback builds trust with your client base AND builds trust for your potential clients, especially if you ask your clients to leave their positive feedback on Google. Knowing when and how to ask for reviews is critical for best results. But asking is the first step to those results.

Stay Connected

The only way insurance companies can stay connected with their clients is by presenting themselves as a valuable and trusted resource. When you position yourself as a subject expert by providing value, it automatically creates a strong bond with your clients. This can be done with general education about insurance and the financial industry as a whole.

But value doesn’t only come in the form of insurance education. Simple greetings throughout the year on birthdays and around holidays can be exactly what you need to stay top of mind. You also don’t want them to just check out when they see an email come in from you because it’s the same old thing every time. This is a good reason to mix it up and be both educational and entertaining.

Provide Value by Cross-Selling

Cross-selling obviously benefits your agency. It increases the lifetime value of your clients and the overall value of the agency. But it also creates a layer of value that most people don’t get from their insurance agent. When you are proactive about finding opportunities to serve your clients and make sure they have the right coverage, it builds trust. It shows that you are aware of the client’s situation and willing to take time to build on the relationship.

Cross-selling consistently and effectively can be a difficult task but it’s an important task that shouldn’t be ignored. We all know it’s easier to sell to a current client than it is to sell a new client.

When you partner with Renew King, we engage your customers with timely surveys that generate 5 star Google reviews, deliver regular content that keeps them connected and run cross-selling campaigns that set you up for an easy close. Learn more about Renew King here and take a step toward building trust today!