For Insurance Agency Owners

Forking over a little cash in exchange for a done-for-you review system is a great idea. Online reviews are critical for every local insurance agency. But there’s a problem with the way many software companies go about generating these reviews.

It’s time to take a look at what your online review software is actually doing.

There’s an easy way to see whether or not your review software is doing the job it’s promised. 

Most review platforms are sending some type of survey to ask your customers if they would recommend you to a friend or if you had a good experience. If you’re asking your customers at the right time, it’s very likely that they have great things to say about you. (Learn more about when to ask for reviews, here)

But the very next step is where that amazing feedback from your happy customers will make more money for your business or be lost forever in obscurity.

And this next step might very well be the problem with YOUR review software.

Are Testimonials Helpful?

You have a very small window of opportunity to ask your customers for feedback before they move on with their busy lives. And your review software might be squandering it.

Here’s how most review systems work:

  1. Customer receives survey
  2. Customer provides positive feedback (Woohoo!)
  3. Customer is asked to write a testimonial
  4. Testimonial is stored in your software and published on your website (Nice)
  5. Customer is then asked to write that same testimonial a second time on Google (Hmmmm…)
  6. Customer does NOT write it a second time (Wait…what?)

Do you see the problem?

Most people aren’t going to jump through additional hoops to leave the same review in different places. They’re too busy, just like you.

leaving google review

You Only Get One Shot

Do not miss your chance to….ok sorry. SORRY. But you really do have to capture that review and make sure it gets put directly in the spot that’s going to impact your business most. And that place, my friend, is Google.

Here’s the thing. It sounds cool to have hundreds of testimonials popping up on your website but that doesn’t help drive new business. The people that should end up on your website won’t because you don’t have enough Google reviews to get them there in the first place.

And get this, market research that shows people aren’t likely to read more than 3 testimonials on your website, period. Check out this article to get the most out of those 3.

So, go ahead and take a look. Is your software generating a ton of testimonials but coming up short with online reviews?

Is it putting your happy customer reviews in front of other prospective customers or is it burying them on your website?

Toso Results

Our Philosophy

At Renew King, our goal is to help you be proactive with your customers, and move the needle in your insurance agency with every customer interaction.

We use a super simple survey sent via SMS and email to drive as many happy customers as possible to leave 5 Star Google Reviews.

If they had anything less than a great experience, we collect that feedback and send it your way before it makes it to Google.

And if you really want those reviews to show up on your website, there are plenty of widgets you can drop onto your site that will display real Google Reviews and reinforce what a good decision it is to choose you.

If your software isn’t doing its job, make the switch today at