Now is the time

Insurance Agency Owners: Your competitors aren’t waiting to see what happens with the economy and the status of life after COVID-19. They’re gunning for your  clients and offering whatever they can to incentivize them to leave you.

If there was ever a time to be proactive with your clients, it’s now.

Follow up isn’t just for your leads. Most insurance agencies spend a ton of time managing new business and trying to figure out how to automate follow up to close more. The rest of the time is spent handling service requests. But a client-focused growth approach can improve retention, generate new leads, and increase the value of your agency.

So what can you do?

Start by asking a question

Asking your clients if they think you’re doing a good job is one of the easiest ways to open the door for follow up questions like: “Would you leave us a 5 Star Review?” and “Do you know anyone else that could use our help?”

And even “Have you ever considered a Life Insurance Policy?”

A simple survey that provides feedback is critical for any business that relies on retention. But it also creates opportunity. Your producers and CSRs can easily collect this feedback with Renew King Email or SMS Survey. When your customer responds with positive feedback, they’ll be sent straight to Google to leave a Five Star Review!

Communicate something valuable

But what do you say?

Unless you spend time writing, it can be hard to come up with content to keep your clients listening. This is another key to customer engagement that not only retains your book of business but also grows it.

When you can communicate a valuable message on a regular basis, it keeps your clients interested. It makes them want to open YOUR emails. It makes them want to share those emails, too.

This is a core part of the Renew King service that keeps insurance agency owners focused on sales and service without losing the business you’ve worked so hard to earn. It’s kind of like having a full-on marketing team that not only writes the content but reviews open and click rates to optimize for the next time. Wait…that’s exactly what it is.

Uncover opportunities

Most insurance agency owners will admit that there is plenty of opportunity to be found in their book of business. The question is “what do you do about it?”

It shouldn’t take hiring a new employee or working nights and weekends to communicate with your customers. If you can pull a few simple reports from your agency management system that show you monoline policy holders, we’ll help you set up cross-selling calls at renewal.

You can also uncover other opportunities for Personal Umbrella and Life Insurance. Once you have these lists, Renew King will help you cross-sell by sending the right message at the right time to the right client. Not to mention, you don’t have to do the work. Just send your lists to us and we do the rest.

Our campaigns run at renewal and throughout the year to help you increase the value of your book while tapping into the needs of your customer base. Not to mention the bonus of E&O relief.

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