AMS Problems

I don’t run an insurance agency so I’ve never had to struggle with Agency Management Systems and all their shenanigans. But after 6 years and roughly 1000 conversations with insurance agency owners, I’ve heard enough stories. There is a certain pain in choosing, using, and leaving your AMS.

Most complaints are about their lack of integration and forcing insurance agencies to use only the features the AMS provides.

It seems like most of these software providers operate under the idea that they can be everything to everyone. But that’s just impossible in the world of small business today.

Enter NowCerts

The cool thing about business is when an entire industry operates with an outdated view, it opens the door for new players to solve problems. This is exactly what NowCerts is doing.

As a solution provider and consultant for independent insurance agencies and small businesses, I’ve tried to help my clients overcome this issue by building good processes and a good team. Those things are obviously important but NowCerts users don’t have to get as creative. Their founder, Peter Germanov, has listened to his customers and has designed his agency management software to play well with others.

Even though it has plenty of features, there will always be other software that does one specific job better.

Many of our clients utilize tools like Pipedrive (the best sales tool on the planet) to manage their sales process and of course Renew King to help with client onboarding, follow-up, and cross-selling. ;)

Business owners want flexibility and we want choices.

By opening their API and getting on board with Zapier, there are plenty of choices for agency owners to extend the functionality of NowCerts and use the tools THEY want to use in their business.

Fist Bump

This is why we’ve been working to create a seamless integration for Renew King and NowCerts to work together. When deals are closed and new insureds are added to NowCerts, Renew King will immediately send out a simple survey to gauge the customer experience. If they leave positive feedback, they’ll be redirected to leave a Google or Facebook review.

No double data entry.

No extra work.

No human error.

This is really what any small business owner wants: Automated processes that save time, improve the customer experience, and make them money.

We’re excited to team up with an Agency Management System provider that wants to serve their clients and solve their problems as much as we do. NowCerts is a great fit and worth your time to check out if you’re looking to break out of the box that the old school wants to keep you in.

You can check out the NowCerts agency management system here.

And if you’re ready to boost your Google Reviews and be more proactive with your clients, make sure to check out Renew King today. Just head over here.